Now I’m scared

I am mostly over the fear I experienced by subjecting myself to see Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2. Looking back I am glad I saw the films, because the writers and directors really are brilliant at what they set out to do … scare the crap out of people. It especially works for people like me who let their imagination get the better of them.
Recently, the light in my kitchen has this fun problem where it randomly turns off while I am doing the dishes or cooking even though the switch is on. I am almost always in the room when it happens. So I climb up on a chair and move the fixture around until it comes back on. My landlord, ahem, was supposed to fix it last week and says it’s something in the switch, NOT a demon. Or, maybe he did fix it the day I saw him and my soul and apartment are possessed. Soon enough I will be making dinner after work, the light will go off and then all the cupboards will fly open at once and their contents will follow. OK, there goes my imagination, although that did happen in one scene of the Paranormal Activity duo.
When I saw the first one I actually did not know how realistic the frightful plot would be. I didn’t even know it had the home video effect or anything. I saw it at my friend Alicia’s house where they have a home theater system. The seats they have come with speakers, putting the demon a little too close for comfort. And, with these films you never really know when something scary is going to happen.
It took at least a week to get a good night’s sleep after round one.
I prepared myself a little more before seeing the second installment … which I decided to see on the big big screen. Yikes. I did some research beforehand and read some reviews, which actually gave away some plot points I wish I hadn’t known. I won’t divulge them because Paranormal Activity has a relatively simple idea and the less you know about the characters, the better.
Even thought it was a different director for Paranormal Activity 2, I thought he did a good job weaving in the plot from the first one while coming up with some original scare tactics. He also used a minimal budget. While the plot is simple, when you’re done with both films, you’ll start to see a pattern.
I’ve had discussions with friends about whether someone will churn out another one, and I am guessing someone will. I don’t know if I could take it, but I also don’t think I could skip the chance to see what they come up with. Better start preparing now.


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