Sunny Christmas

Nothing says Happy Holidays like Danny DeVito, as Frank Reynolds, popping out of a couch naked at a Christmas party. To see it, just buy the A Very Sunny Christmas on DVD. It came out last year and aired on FX as part of this season. I have it saved on my DVR to watch again, but for now I’ll have to go off my memory from my first viewings a year ago. (SPOILER ALERT!!!!)
The characters, Frank, Dee, Dennis, Mac and Charlie each relive their warped memories from Christmas past.
If you know the twisted humor of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, none of the characters on the show would have what is perceived to be a “normal” Christmas.
For example, whose parents would teach their son how to break into other people’s houses and steal their presents on Christmas morning? Who would sew themselves into a couch to eavesdrop on an office party of a former business partner? In that case, it would be Frank.
His own children even set him up to get in that scenario in the first place after years of Frank only buying presents for himself on Christmas.
Charlie learns that the Santa Claus who visited Christmas morning is just a suitor for his single, and pretty messed up, mother.
It’s hard for me to pinpoint any favorite episode from the series because each one just keeps topping the other. Dennis and Dee go on Welfare is a family favorite, Kittens Mittens is up there for me and when Mac and Charlie die, I can’t say anything bad about it (as long as it doesn’t happen in real life.) This season I thoroughly enjoyed Mac and Charlie trying to assimilate their mothers in the same house when Mac’s burns her house down.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am more than obsessed with this show. My favorite character is Mac, another fact anyone who knows me would be able to recite. And, OK, I have a bit of a crush on him. Mac is played by Rob McElhenney, who is also the creator of the show. It’s just plain brilliant if you ask me and “the gang” makes it all come together.
I saw Charlie Day in an interview on Conan and he said Danny DeVito would do just about anything as Frank on the show, going back to the couch scene. Just to test DeVito’s tolerance, the writers compiled an April Fool’s Day script where Frank gets arrested and ” taken advantage of” by the inmates once he goes to jail. According to Day, DeVito called his lawyer on that one and wouldn’t have done it.
This current season just keeps getting better and better and the comedic actors and writers can work serious topics from their own lives into the show with the traditional Sunny humor. I won’t spoil any more of the season, but all in all It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Christmas episode or not, is the gift that keeps on giving.

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