I heart Parks

I know this weekend is going to be a mini-film fest for me. Thanks to Groupon, I am getting two movies for the price of one. My choices are The Fighter and Blue Valentine (hopefully, since apparently it’s a special engagement this weekend).  I also need to give In The Loop, my latest Netflix rental, a second watch. I don’t think I missed anything, it was just a vey enjoyable film. So, until those tasks are complete I will have to stray from my blog theme just a little. With the return of NBC comedies on Thursday night, I needed to catch up on season two of Parks and Recreation. Where has this show been all my life? I am so glad I thought to start watching it on instant Netflix one day because I was “instantly” hooked. The six episodes of season one were enough to peak my interest, but season two is the top dog so far. Leslie Knope takes her job as deputy parks and recreation director very seriously, but not so much that she can’t be absolutely hilarious in the process. I think this show has the staples of the modern comedy, but its quirks are my favorite. There are framed pictures of breakfast food, Leslie’s wall dedicated to influential women, and well anything that comes out of Tom’s (Aziz Ansari) mouth. There’s something loveable about every character. If had a nerd girl crush, it would be Leslie, played by Amy Poehler. (Just to clarify, if I had JUST a nerd crush, it would be Chris Hardwick from Websoup.)

Speaking of crushes, Parks and Recreation does incorporate romance, but not to the level where an hour of air time would be dedicated to a wedding. I did love the Jim and Pam Office wedding episode, don’t get me wrong, but there is something to be said for Parks and Recreation’s more subtle approach to couples. Will Leslie end up back with Mark? Will Louis CK’s character return? Parks and Recreation has a very “who cares, it’s a comedy!” approach to these burning questions. I am not finished with season two yet, and I am happy that when I do there will be some of season three there waiting for me on DVR.

Check it out, pick your favorite character and don’t get behind like I did! This one’s a keeper.

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