Gnomeo and Juliet

 O Gnomeo, Gnomeo, wherefore art thou Gnomeo?
That’s right, I was able to check out Gnomeo and Juliet in 3D this weekend. I have never been one for garden gnomes, granted I do not have a yard, but where can you go wrong by interjecting them into an animated flick set against the classic William Shakespeare story?
Gnomeo and Juliet has the typical animated fare of late including a romance, cheesy puns, a sidekick for each main character, and a happy ending leaving viewers all smiles. Plus, it had Elton John music and an animated cameo of the sparkly gap-toothed singer. I guess he’s been working up to this since The Lion King.
The visual features were appealing enough, but I don’t have much to compare them to as far as similar films I’ve seen in the last year. Alice in Wonderland was better as far as 3D and Toy Story 3 was more refined in what made it on screen. 
Frankly, I don’t think the editors did much when Gnomeo was on the cutting room floor. There were some pretty random scenes, such as when Juliet’s frog sidekick character was shown covered in rose pedals like in the movie American Beauty. Huh? Was seeing a scantly-clad gnome trot through the garden in a skimpy thong bathing suit necessary? I don’t think so. But, I appreciated some of its humor and the heartwarming take on Romeo and Juliet.
Both kids and adults will enjoy the movie enough, but I think it’s safe to save for viewing at home.
Adults, I suggest a double feature of a sad movie or something hard to watch like 127 Hours (which I just got back from at the theater) and then taking in Gnomeo to cheer you up.

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