Your Highness

Who cares about Prince William’s royal wedding, how about that of Fabious and Belladonna?
I had the pleasure of attending the festivities last night during a viewing of Your Highness. To be honest, I had no idea what I was in for and went because of the A-list cast and David Gordon Green from Pineapple Express in the director’s chair.
He is joined by Danny McBride and James Franco, both of Pineapple Express, and starlets Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel. Rumor has it that McBride and Green, who went to film school together, came up with the plot during a game where one person thinks of a movie title and the other has to come up with what it should be about. Many years later their impromptu idea for Your Highness, a comedy about brothers Fabious and Thadeus on a quest to save Fabious’ bride from the evil Leezar, was bankrolled with a sizable budget for special effects and again, the cast.
I’ve also heard that much of the actors’ final lines came from improvisation on set, perhaps extending the level of low brow humor you can fit into an hour and a half.
Trust me, I have no complaints. I was not ashamed to watch and laugh while Fabious (Franco) and Thadeus (McBride) class it up on screen with about every dirty joke in the book.
I can’t even repeat anything they said and the trailers on mainstream TV are all a mish-mash of the few appropriate scenes in the film.
But, I was happy not to have a full preview and be surprised with how far the cast and crew would go with their antics.
You’ll get the most out of Your Highness if you’re a fan of the cast and can appreciate their range in a comedic role. Franco was the perfect fit to play Fabious. If you’ve seen Pineapple Express, you’ll know why. Your Highness is right up McBride’s alley, from his stardom in the series Eastbound and Down and Pineapple Express as well.
He shares writing credits on the film and I wonder if there will be a sequel. As with most the products of Hollywood, especially comedies, I wish they would all end at No. 1. But that’s rarely the case. In the previews before Your Highness two of the upcoming features were Hangover 2 and Scream 4. Hangover 2 looks like the same Las Vegas bachelor party, but in Thailand. I am debating seeing it as to not ruin my enjoyment of the first one. Scream I may see since it’s been a while since the last release in the series, but they better draw the line with the fourth installment.
So, take this chance to see Your Highness now and then put it in the vault of excellent comedies that should not have a part two.

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