It’s summa

I’d like to complain about the 100-plus degree heat today just a little bit more, but cannot now because it prompted an idea for a blog while I was driving home and anxiously watching in case the road buckled in front of me.
Reports of “pavement failure” and even “concrete explosions” had me a little on edge in addition to a day of making journalistic decisions I am still analyzing. So, no pun intended, I’m a little fried and could go for escaping with a flick right now.
How about something summer related? Or better yet how about something with the word summer in the title? I only came up with two while driving, like Summer Rental with some classic John Candy or the 1987 release of Summer School. Both would be good ways to kill some time when it’s hot outside and to revisit the good ol’ days of the 1980s. 
I checked my blog history once at home and perched at my computer, only to be reminded that I have already posted about two films mentioning the season: Wet Hot American Summer and 500 Days of Summer. I am sure it’s still too hot to take a step out the door or open a window, so why not take the rest of the evening and pay homage to the perfect movie-watching weather?
If you have recommendations of titles using “summer” let me know!

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