Win Win

I’m not feeling too inspired to write my typical narrative at the moment, so here’s the top 5 reasons to see Win Win. Like now.
1. It’s playing at the Hopkins budget movie theater through at least Thursday. The theater is in the lovely downtown of Hopkins and tickets are only $2.50 ($3 after 6 p.m.) so you can get lost in the antique mall afterward and still have some cash to spend. I managed to not buy anything,  this time.
2. It’s the latest project from Thomas McCarthy. He’s got some strong indie projects I’ve enjoyed, including The Station Agent and The Visitor. Not to mention his role as Templeton on the newsroom season of The Wire, one of my favorites of the series. Those are all worth checking out, or revisiting. Start The Wire from the beginning, of course.
3. McCarthy’s choice to set the story in his home state of New Jersey, where graduated from New Providence High School. I am not sure if any of the script is autobiographical, but McCarthy’s ability to weave together several unique stories against the backdrop of a suburban family’s dynamic is brilliant.
4. The chemistry of Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan, both favorite actors of mine, as Michael and Jackie Flaherty. It’s understated, but there is love there and a lot of heart. Much like McCarthy’s script.
5. McCarthy’s overall focus, at least how I interpret it, on the ties that hold families together and situations in life that test them. People are going to make mistakes and risk their relationships with those they love most. But, he chose for it to work out the best for everyone. Win Win.

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