I’d rather be Somewhere but here. I found myself smiling while watching Sofia Coppola’s latest film, Somewhere. I was drawn into the voyeuristic film style and relationship of the characters, mainly Johnny and Cleo, immediately. Stephen Dorff is Johnny, a Hollywood actor going through the motions while living at the Chateau Marmont Hotel and Elle Fanning is his daughter, Cleo. She shows up after her mom leaves town, allowing Johnny to spend more time with her and see his life through her eyes. The dialogue grows somewhat throughout the film, but the non-verbal communication between Johnny and Cleo resonates more with the viewer than the words they speak — similar in some ways to Bob and Charlotte in Lost in Translation. Coppola chose a simple plot and subtle actions to show the depths of human struggle in the Somewhere. She weaves through Johnny’s story and Cleo’s more permanent presence in his life frame by frame, taking the viewer into each scene to experience it all. I can’t say everyone will appreciate this film, but I do think everyone should give it a try. Just remember in Somewhere it’s not important what happens on the surface, but beneath it.

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