Fright Night

I survived one of three horror movies I plan to see in the coming months, Fright Night. This movie is seriously fun, not scary, and I liked it, a lot. Based on the 1985 original, which I did not see, the modern version features Colin Farrell as a neighborly (and hot) vampire hiding out in suburban Las Vegas.
Enter McLovin from Superbad as Ed, a nerdy teen who knows something is up with Farrell’s character, Jerry. Ed tries to warn his friend, Charley, who lives next to Jerry, about his blood-sucking tendencies and pays the price. Charley, played by Anton Yelchin, is the hero in this high school student haunt.
Fright Night doesn’t stray too far from the standard horror movie requirements where characters fearlessly run into the villain’s house and areas they can’t escape from; weapons malfunction; and, well, a lot of people die. But in this case they also come back to life as evil monsters of the night.
How does Charley save the day? Well spilling the beans would take the fun out of this movie if you decide to see it, so I’ll leave the plot at that.
I will say I am thankful the writers managed to limit the cheese factor in Fright Night and added in some solid humor, especially in Farrell’s lines. The Dublin-born actor does well as a sexy/evil vampire and monster.
My only disappointment with Fright Night was the effects because there just weren’t enough of them and I am glad I didn’t see the movie in 3D.
Overall, you’ll have fun if you see Fright Night and I am satisfied my Halloween movie season started off on this note. With Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark and Paranormal Activity 3 on my agenda next, I don’t think I’ll be so lucky.

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