Adventures in Babysitting

It can be risky to rewatch nostalgic movies that seemed great in the 1980s and are connected to memories of your youth, but luckily Adventures in Babysitting is still as awesome as it was years ago. There’s really no other word to describe it.
I’ve been reserving movies at the library lately and for some strange reason Adventures in Babysitting was available immediately while some more recent films on my list have 300 + requests. But, the 1987 Elisabeth Shue tale of a night of babysitting gone unrealistically wrong came to me just in time for a post-Halloween bash viewing while I enjoyed some couch time on Sunday. I love a good intro montage to “Then he kissed me” and thinking back to how at 17 I though Shue’s character, Chris Parker, was so cool — as did the kids she babysits for.
Some scenes did come off as more cheesy than I may have noticed whenever I watched this movie originally, but it didn’t ruin my trip down memory lane. The 1980s clothes, music and references were a welcome flashback to the era I grew up in. If for ANY reason you have not see Adventures in Babysitting, watch it now. I should be bringing my copy back to the library tomorrow.
Moving on, I also rented Chinatown (which I have seen but want to again) and The Big Chill (which I have not seen) and I will report back. This will be a big week of movies for me. My sister Carla and I are going to check out an indie — to be determined — on Thursday. My mom also may be coming to visit for a movie weekend on Saturday and The Ides of March, Margin Call and The Rum Diary are all possibilities. I can’t wait!!

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