The Muppets

My short list of movies from back in July is almost complete, especially after seeing The Muppets on Sunday. Movies I’ve made it to in the theater recently just keep getting better and better and, if I had my own anything-goes version of a certain awards show that airs each February, I’d pick The Muppets as a best picture contender.

Why? Because it’s the perfect mix of what Muppet fans have missed of late and enough fresh material to hook any newcomers into the creation of Jim Henson.
Jason Segel is to thank for that and a motion picture complete with a stellar cast of humans and Muppets, musical numbers, and jokes that cover the bases to satisfy adult audiences and the kiddos.
I went into the movie cold, not knowing what type of plot Segel created to bring to life the Muppets again or about the host of surprise celebrity cameos. Segel stars in the film as well as Gary, the brother of a new Muppet in town named Walter. Amy Adams is another of the top-billed actors in the role of Gary’s girlfriend Mary.
The story centers on Gary, Mary and Walter traveling to Los Angeles from Smalltown, USA and you can only imagine who they might find there. 
Outside of enjoying 90 minutes or so of nostalgia to what I watched during my childhood, I appreciated Segel’s ability to poke fun at his own adaptation and transform actors of all backgrounds to be a part of a lovable, happy story.
As critics indicated, the idea to bring back The Muppets could have gone in the wrong direction. Luckily, Segel started his project as a dedication to growing up watching the furry, talking characters and wanting to extend their story to mass audiences.
Box office reports show The Muppets is doing well, and if I can help at all I’d see it again in the theaters in a heartbeat.


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