Like Crazy and Sidewalls

Well I meant to write about Like Crazy shortly after I saw it, but life got in the way and here I am catching up now. Unfortunately, some of my initial thoughts about it escape me today so I thought I’d watch another love story as a source of inspiration: Sidewalls. It helped!
Like Crazy stars Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones as a couple who meet in college, fall in love, but then struggle with a long-distance relationship. They are essentially stuck apart after Jones’ character, Anna, violates the terms of her visa and she must stay in London while Jacob (Yelchin) is in America. From there the film follows Jacob and Anna through their personal journeys involving work and even other relationships, but ultimately they want to find their way back together. At times I found myself wondering why these two people were so in love and trying to read between the lines of their relationship. That wasn’t the purpose of the story, I learned, it’s to shed light on the ups and downs of relationships and to make it seem real to the viewer.

I think the actors’ improvisation in some scenes together, referred to by director Drake Doremus in an interview, accomplished that goal and turned out a unique film in the love story genre.

My next film, Sidewalls, also presents a unique love story for the viewer. The film centers on Martin and Mariana, two soul mates who live in apartment buildings across the street and cross paths in the city without knowing it. Writer and director Gustavo Taretto juxtaposes Martin and Mariana’s eventual real meeting with the back drop of Buenos Aires using artsy-fartsy camera work and animation.
For that reason I can at least recommend this movie to people who like design and art and say that you’ll be pleasantly surprised otherwise.
Sidewalls reminded me some of Amelie and Lost In Translation, but I have not seen two characters like Martin and Mariana before. In addition to their back story (Martin is a web designer who doesn’t get out much and Mariana is an architect who has only been able to use her craft designing store window displays), I enjoyed the quirks Taretto developed for his main characters.

On the surface Sidewalls appeared to be two separate stories going on at once, much like parts of Like Crazy, but it has much more depth than I expected. For Twin Citians, Sidewalls’ limited run in the theater is over, but I was able to rent it on cable. Like Crazy is still playing at Edina Cinema
If you’re in the mood for love, these stories may bring you down before up, but give them a try.

Just as I finished this post one of my guilty-pleasure love stories, Serendipity, came on TV. Signing off, happy Sunday everyone!

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