21 Jump Street

It’s been slim pickings at the multiplex until this weekend, when the highly-anticipated (for me) The Cabin in the Woods released in theaters. I am in fact at a cabin in the woods right now, my parents’ house in Wisconsin, but the movie is not playing at the theater here. My movie theater dry spell has already lasted long enough, so I suppose I can wait one more week to see it.
I believe The Hunger Games is to blame for the shortage of new releases lately, leaving the last one I saw in the theater as 21 Jump Street.
And, it was amazing. Luckily for all you Channing Tatum fans, it’s still playing on the big screen. I highly recommend this picture if you want to see some mindless, quite hilarious entertainment with a surprise toward the end that will make it even more worth it.
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum prove to be the perfect couple as undercover cops Schmidt and Jenko in this buddy comedy based on the short-lived “21 Jump Street” television show from the 1980s. And where can you go wrong with a supporting cast of Ice Cube, Dave Franco (James’ little brother), Chris Parnell (Dr. Spaceman from 30 Rock) and Nick Offerman?
With a movie adaptation like 21 Jump Street, and especially one set against the backdrop of a modern high school, it can either be bad news bears or the best thing since sliced bread.
But, the undercover operation was a success.
If you’re looking for a double feature this weekend forget about American Reunion and don’t even get me started on The Three Stooges, see The Cabin in the Woods and then 21 Jump Street. That way, any lingering fear factor from the first one will be erased with some stellar comedy. BOOYA!


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