The Cabin In The Woods vs. The Avengers

It’s the weekend, and if it weren’t so darn nice out I’d check myself into the movie theater for some serious cinema therapy. I do have Take Shelter to watch, as it has shamefully been sitting by my television for weeks on end, but first I will catch up on documenting The Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers.
The Cabin in the Woods has been out long enough in theaters that the secret about what’s “inside” may be out for everyone, but if you haven’t seen it don’t read anything about the film and get your tickets now.
Before the film’s release I suspected it would leave me awake at night for weeks like most horror movies do. In fact, it wasn’t scary at all and I like it. I’ll take the sequel (I am sure there will be one) to any more of the frightful Paranormal Activity franchise any day. The movie-within-a-movie style, plot twists and fancy visual effects had me glued to the screen and I didn’t even shut my eyes in fear once.
So, as soon as the sun goes down on this glorious day what else are you going to do but go to the movies? If you have the time, I recommend kicking off the summer blockbuster season just right with a double feature of The Cabin in the Woods and Marvel’s The Avengers. Then go to the Marvel Bar and discuss over cocktails!
The films have some similarities, the main one being Joss Whedon is a writer and the producer for The Cabin in the Woods and the director and a writer of The Avengers. If you’re not a fan of Joss now, you will be. If nothing else, ladies, you’ll get a double dose of hunk-of-burning-love Chris Hemsworth since he is a star in both films.
It would really be a sight to see if all the characters in The Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers (there are A LOT) were to fight each other to really prove which film is better.
That may be the only way to determine that fact because the scripts, casting, action and the acting are all just right. My only complaint about The Avengers is it is a little too long, especially the final fight scene, but it still held up in entertainment value for those extra 30 minutes.
So there you have it, I hope these movies can tie you over until what we’ve all been waiting for. Have you seen the latest The Dark Knight Rises trailer? Oh, the anticipation.

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