The Emmys

I haven’t seen any movies lately, so how about those Emmys? What would happen if Jesse Pinkman were real and he actually received one of those heavy gold statues?
It was hard not to see some of how I imagine the “Breaking Bad” character would react on Aaron Paul’s face when his name was announced last night in the supporting actor category. The man behind the mask of Jesse is much more classy (he did not shout “yeah bitches!” as I would have hoped) but in some way the accomplishment, even the second time around, seemed to mean as much to Paul as it would for Mr. Pinkman to have his wildest dream come true.

Maybe it would be to actually be respected by Mr. White instead of being called ridiculous, or have a career as an artist (I am watching season one again right now). I digress a little, but my point is that Paul’s look and speech were my favorite moments of the Emmys. I didn’t catch it right away, but my second favorite clip from the show is the moment between Paul and runner-up in the category, Giancarlo Esposito (Gus on Breaking Bad.)
It’s nice that the Emmys is the kind of show you can watch while working, in my case on a last minute story to turn in Monday morning, and know when to turn your attention to the tube.
I did see the intro with Jimmy Kimmel and some of my favorite actresses in the bathroom, and it was funny, but once the late-night host got on stage his performance was just so-so and the presenters had more wit in their lines.
Steve Buscemi should have threatened Kimmel with a trip to the wood chipper for the joke about his weight, but whatever.

My other highlights were Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ win for her role in “Veep” and the nods to Louis C.K. I think the lead comedy actress category had some of the toughest competitors this year, and I am happy “Elaine” took the statue home.
“Girls,” both in the acting of Lena Dunham and as a comedy series, didn’t get anything this year but I think the show will get its much-deserved award attention one day.
There are some shows, however, with moments in the limelight that may have passed. Mad Men, with 17 nominations last night, did not receive any awards.
It’s not like the ad-agency drama over at AMC has an empty shelf collecting dust, but it is a little bit surprising an Emmy from 2012 won’t be there.
I think the loss for Jon Hamm in lead acting, and for the series in best drama, is mainly because of the new kids on the block and a little bit about the most recent season of the show.
“Homeland” is the new kid taking home the actor and actress and best drama awards, and “Mad Men’s” hiatus of more than a year between seasons four and five is perhaps equal to the popular jock the majority of people don’t think is cool anymore.
I am not one of that majority, as I thoroughly enjoyed season five, but it may have been the one misstep for “Mad Men” and the television academy saw something better.
I can’t argue one way or another about “Homeland” because I haven’t seen it yet, but it is definitely on my short list. “Mad Men” will bounce back in its final two seasons, I think. It will be interesting to see if the academy then renews its faith in the show, but from now on I don’t think winning is everything for “Mad Men.”
Apparently it is for “Modern Family.”
Eric Stonestreet, one of four actors from the ABC sitcom in the comedy acting category, and Julie Bowen earned awards and the show also won the best comedy series nod.
Enough already. I have liked the show overall, although I did not finish last season, but it’s just too predictable now on all accounts.

I tuned out the Emmys’ miniseries and reality-show categories, that is until Tom Berenger showed up on stage. No offense, but Jake Taylor is not looking so good these days.
But he is still in the acting game, apparently, with his winning role on the “Hatfields & McCoys.” The miniseries earned several nominations and another win by Kevin Costner.
Looking at the full list of Emmy nominees and winners, it is obvious I haven’t seen a majority of the good, bad and the ugly shows and performances on it. But now I know what to add to my list (“Boardwalk Empire” or “The Good Wife,” for example) and what future award hopefuls to continue watching.
From here I’ll turn my thoughts to Andy Greenwald’s recap. It’s what I would strive to say if I could land a job watching television and movies and writing about them.


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