Safety Not Guaranteed

“Safety Not Guaranteed” is a shining example of why I looooooovee mooooovies. Time travel back to 2001? Why not? Fake ears? Sure. Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass as a couple? Yes please.

It’s one of those films that lets you escape from life for 90 minutes and come out of it feeling a whole lot better. No worrying about how I am going to shovel my car out of 15 inches of snow tomorrow in order to drive to the office for at least a 10 hour work day.
But it would all be better if when I got there I came across a classified ad from a man seeking a partner to time travel with and my editor allowed me to go on a road trip with coworkers to get the story. 
That’s the premise of “Safety Not Guaranteed,” written by Derek Connolly and directed by Colin Trevorrow. The cast also includes Jake Johnson (“The New Girl”), Karan Soni, Jeff Garlin, Kristen Bell and Mary Lynn Rajskub.
Darius (Plaza), Jeff (Johnson) and Arnau (Soni) are given the O.K. by their Seattle magazine editor to pursue the time travel story and find out who placed the ad. 
Their journey results in self discovery for everyone, including Kenneth (Duplass) who has the time travel mission. 
Kenneth doesn’t take well to having Jeff as his partner, but Darius connects with him and is chosen to go along after extensive training.
There is something mysterious about Kenneth and Darius and her team can’t figure out if he’s crazy or actually able to build a time machine.
The question also is why does he want to go back in time? Why does Darius want to go with him?
Why would anybody want to go back in time? To do things over again and right the wrongs of your past, of course. Maybe there is someone you would never have the opportunity to see again without hopping in a time machine with a slightly off, but cute and endearing fellow. 
You won’t know unless you try and unless you watch this movie. Like now!
It’s smart, romantic, and unique in its story. If I have to watch a film with any science fiction in it (while I did really like “Looper”) this would be my choice. 
“Safety Not Guaranteed” makes time travel as a metaphor for taking risks in life to find what makes you happy. I like, of course, that everyone wins out in the end and it’s all happy happy happy. 
So the only choice you need to make is to watch this movie, and hopefully I’ve convinced you. 
Now, back to reality. There are at least two cars stuck in the parking lot of my apartment building right now and I’ve been listening to the sounds of tires spinning and shoveling all day. It’s gotten so bad that my neighbors are cursing the landlord for not having the driveway plowed.
I am going to time travel to last year’s winter when this didn’t happen. Over and Out.

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