"Pitch Perfect" and "Ted"

I went a little cable crazy these last few days. For the record, the next movie I’ll see in theaters will still be “Django Unchained” or maybe “Lincoln,” but what’s a girl with some time off work to do in the meantime?
I chose “Pitch Perfect,” based on a Kay Cannon interview on Hollywood Prospectus, and then “Ted” based on some recommendations from my peeps.
Cannon, of “30 Rock” and “New Girl” fame, wrote the a cappella college chick flick starring Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow.

Kendrick plays Beca, a beautiful and talented college freshman who can’t quite fit in on campus. Enter Snow (Chloe) and Anna Camp (Aubrey) as the leaders of The Bellas, an a cappella group seeking to reboot and win nationals. I won’t ruin the reason why The Bellas need another chance, but Doug Benson says it’s not for people with emetophobia.
Other than those scenes, I will say “Pitch Perfect” is pretty cliche. Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan lauded the film for Anna Kendrick’s performance and the music choices – but couldn’t get over the fact that they are performed a cappella. I can agree with the Hollywood Prospectus hosts there and, considering the overused references to “The Breakfast Club,” the film fell flat for me. Cannon did produce a witty script from Mickey Rapkin’s book, also favored by Greenwald and Ryan, but it just wasn’t enough.
So if you’re looking for more of a sure thing appealing to men and women alike (I kind of can’t believe I am saying this), try “Ted.”
I wasn’t skeptical of this film, starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, because who could really stop and think that much about a story focused on a talking teddy bear?
In the end I liked it and even found myself laughing out loud during a few scenes.
Wahlberg plays John, a man/boy hanging on to his childhood toy he wished one day would become his best friend. But the toy Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), gets in the way of John having an adult life and hanging on to his girlfriend Lori (Kunis).
Part of the appeal of “Ted” is it’s so silly, it’s funny and the strong cast (Giovanni Ribisi and Joel McHale with in supporting roles) helps too.
I do like films that make you think and to analyze, but sometimes you need to take things at face value and remember they’re about entertainment too.

“Thunder buddies for life!”


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