Drinking Buddies and In A World

Fletch F. Fletch

Indie films are my happy place. I’ve seen three lately and “The World’s End” is on the docket for later today.

All I need now is to adopt a pug (she will be named Lucille Bluth) to be buddies with Fletch and I.

While I work on that,  here are some films to squeeze in during the end of summah and before Oscar bait trickles into theaters.

Drinking Buddies

drinkingbuddiesThe tagline “A comedy about knowing when to say when,” isn’t what prompted me to crack open an IPA and hit a button on my remote to watch “Drinking Buddies.”

The promotion of the film doesn’t really do it justice. The trailer (please don’t watch it) makes it seem like just another romantic comedy about mixing work and love.

I’d say it’s definitely more about friendship and “Drinking Buddies” does not fit in the mold of a romantic comedy.

Jake Johnson (“The New Girl”) and Olivia Wilde are the said friends, Luke and Kate, in the film. They work together at a craft brewery in Chicago and both are in relationships. Luke is dating Jill (Anna Kendrick) and Kate is paired up with Chris (Ron Livingston).

Because of Luke and Kate’s close friendship the two couples begin to spend time together. The story strays from the predictability that Luke and Kate will be a couple and instead explores the meaning of friendship.

I’ve heard that some of the scenes in the final cut of the film are the result of improvisation on set. It certainly explains how what seems like flirting between Luke and Kate at work is much more real than that.

If you have seen the trailer for this film already, don’t take it at face value and give it a chance.

Drinking Buddies opens at the Lagoon in Minneapolis on Sept. 13, or you can order it on cable and iTunes.


In A World

in a wolrd“Next up lemon drop shots on me!”

Do you need some new catch phrases to spice up your life?

Well, among other things, the film “In a World” is a good source if you can speak in a sexy baby voice while ordering a smoothie.

Lake Bell (“Children’s Hospital”) is the writer and director of the film, which stars a host of comedians including Demetri Martin, Ken Marino, Rob Corddry, Nick Offerman and Tig Notaro.

Bell is Carol, a vocal coach trying to get into the voice over industry, which her father Sam (Fred Melamed) also happens to work in.

They end up vying for the same job, a movie trailer for “The Amazon Games” along with Ken Marino.

The film draws inspiration from the story of late voice actor Don LaFontaine.

I learned a lot about LaFontaine, and that both Bell and Melamed have voice over credits in their careers, while researching this film and listening to interviews. Bell and Melamed were on NPR’s Fresh Air in August.

The film is unique and funny and an inspiring story created by Bell.

Coming soon … “The Spectacular Now.”

I meant to do a triple threat and include my thoughts about that film here too, but I’m out of time.

I will say I think the trailer gives away too much of the film, so don’t watch it either!

But please watch the one for “In a World.”

“I don’t know where you get a smoothie around here at all. I’m so sorry.”


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