He Gave Her His Phone

The whale wants you to see "He Gave Her His Phone."
The whale wants you to see “He Gave Her His Phone.”

I’m recovering from watching not one, but two, of the “Step Up” movies this weekend (and enjoying some adult beverages while doing so) but I do need to sit upright for just a little bit and dish about a film entitled “He Gave Her His Phone.”

It’s a locally-made film from the Oxford Comma Film Cooperative that had an advance screening at the St. Anthony Main theater last week.

The crew said they plan to enter their work in local festivals and I hope it makes it so more people can see it on the big screen.

The basics: it’s a “nerdy romantic comedy” centered on the character of Eric trying to get over his ex-girlfriend by finding new love.

Then boy meets girl and boy gives girl his phone. The girl, Aimee, is charged with learning more about Eric by 11 p.m. the next day though calling people on his phone.

It’s a very well written film with humor and heart and solid acting. It’s nice to see a locally-made project that is a new take on the romantic comedy genre.

Will Eric and Aimee become gullies for life? You’ll just have to see it to find out. I heard about last week’s screening through Facebook, so keep tabs on their page, yo.

With the potential for a film festival release of “He Gave Her His Phone,” I decided to do some research on what options there are in Minnesota for movie fans to see homegrown shows.

There is the Twin Cities Film Festival coming up Oct. 17-26 and the bigger (with not all local movies) Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival in April.

My goal is to see at least one film at each festival which will be difficult, not because of time, but because of the hundreds of options of films to choose from.

The films are not announced for the Twin Cities Film Festival yet, but the news will be out by the end of the month.

Also in October, the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival will premiere short films, documentaries and feature films all made here. The festival, Oct. 3-6, also has some international films scheduled for Midwest premieres. All shows are at the St. Anthony Main theater.

The Film Society of Minneapolis and St. Paul presents the festival, and many others, and the website has deets about other film events throughout the state.

There are even festivals specifically geared toward films about food and the cultures of Latin, Asian and Polish people.

I am most excited about my discovery of the Free Range Film Festival held in Wrenshall, Minn., every July.

This July was the 10th anniversary of the festival, which is held by a couple who select the movies from submissions and screen them in their barn.

I hope it returns again because I am definitely already planning a road trip there.

The nice thing about festivals, especially local ones, is the cast and crew often stick around after their film premieres to tell their story and answer questions.

Seeing something you create come to life must be so rewarding and I am glad to know there are these festivals, and likely more, that celebrate local filmmakers’ work.

I hope I can complete my quest to attend these festivals for one movie, and hopefully more. I’ll definitely see “He Gave Her His Phone” again (the trailer is here) and I am intrigued about their next project “Her Tragedy.”

Please let me know about other festivals in the area and local films. One day my dream is to go to Sundance. A customer at the theater I work at was telling me about it and said tickets are $85 for one movie.

I guess I’ll be dreaming about that for a while.

Happy Sunday buddies.


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