Back that blog up

I’m baaaaaccccck!

imagesCABXQNUPHaving two blogs must be too much for me to handle in between working two jobs, trying to keep up with a social life and the host of television shows and movies that I want to see. #Priorities.

Even though I have no reviews here to prove it, I have actually seen some films during the last few months.

I need to start fresh now as Oscar season (yay!) approaches, but I do have a few titles to recommend before 2014.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon was a highly-anticipated title for me this year.

Gordon-Levitt is the writer, director and star of the film about a pornography addict who finally meets his match, Scarlett Johansson.

I am too biased about this fellow to see anything negative about one of his projects, but my advice is to not judge the film for its superficial plot. There is definitely more to the story and characters than the ups and downs of a Jersey boy who is at the club every night.

The cast also includes Tony Danza and Julianne Moore, whose character is critical to the story. Don Jon is no longer in theaters, but Rotten Tomatoes lists that it will be on DVD Dec. 31. Boom.

If that’s not enough Joseph Gordon-Levitt for you, please take 10 minutes to watch his lip-sync battle with Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon. It’s a peach.

Also stay tuned for his HitRecord television show. Gordon-Levitt started HitRecord as a way for artists to collaborate with their writing, music, film and more and now the work will be broadcast on TV! Anyone can submit their work online and have a chance to partner with “Regular Joe.”

Before I move on to some official Oscars talk, I must also praise “Blue Jasmine” and “Enough Said,” as two of my favorite films this year.

Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” is due on DVD Jan. 21. The story has plots for each of the characters that all center on the role of Cate Blanchett, who really made the movie.

Deadline reports about Oscar buzz for her performance dating back to the film’s release in July.  Oh the anticipation …


Sadly, James Gandolfini’s role in “Enough Said” may earn him an Oscar nod after he passed away. His chemistry with Julia Louis-Dreyfus was just perfect and it’s nothing but bittersweet to watch the film knowing it was his last role.

Gandolfini deserves the honor for his performance and his entire career. The Oscar nominations aren’t out yet, but critics are definitely in talks about the competition for best picture and best actor.

Bill Simmons and Wesley Morris reviewed the best actor race in their recent podcast, which made me realize how many movies I need to see before the red carpet is rolled out.

“Dallas Buyers Club,” “All is Lost,” “American Hustle,” “Captain Phillips,” “12 Years A Slave,” and “Her” are all titles Simmons and Morris feel could produce the best actor winner.

Could it also be Leonardo DiCaprio’s year for his performance in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street?”

That question will have to be answered in a separate post.


As I ponder Leonardo’s chances to take home a gold statue, I am also counting down the days until my cat Fletch has his big screen debut in the Coen Brothers  movie “Inside Llewyn Davis.”

If you don’t believe me, check out Fletch’s audition tape.

Stay tuned for some actual movie reviews. It’s good to be back.

P.S. the “Godzilla” trailer released today gives me chilis.

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