Karaoke Dreamin’

Oh, hey.

I have seriously failed at keeping up with my blog during the past few months as well as attempting my New Year’s resolution to sing karaoke. It doesn’t help that I am completely tone deaf, but what really freaks me out is a room full of people (seemingly) staring at me as I struggle through a song.

I also have a very unrealistic expectation that I will rock it like Beyonce. Not going to happen. Until the day I work up the courage to sing my fears away, I will live vicariously through watching movies (at least the three that I can think of after working 13 hours today) with the BEST KARAOKE SCENES EVER.

I couldn’t find an video clip of it, but I love, love, love Lake Bell and Demetri Martin’s duet scene from “In a World.”


Other than the one at the end of the movie, Bill and Scar Jo singing is my favorite scene from “Lost in Translation.” I spend my days karaoke dreamin’ I could make it through “Brass in Pocket.”



If I could think of more scenes to add to this list, they would still not top my boy JGL belting out the Pixies’ “Here Comes Your Man” in “500 Days of Summer.” 500-Days-Summer

I’ll also take this opportunity to remind you that he is almost as good at lip sync battles.

That is all.

P.S., instead of playing catch-up to review films I’ve seen recently, I am (hopefully) going to start anew with this blog. In the meantime, I do recommend seeing “The Lunchbox,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “Ernest and Celestine,”  and”Unhung Hero.”)


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