6 of 366: Macbeth

macbeth (1)

Macbeth is truly a cinematic experience, which is why I wanted to be able to see it in the theater this week. Luckily, the Minneapolis St. Paul Film Society extended the showings of Macbeth in the Twin Cities after it had a run at the Edina Cinema.

I am still a bit lost in the visuals from Justin Kurzel’s presentation of Macbeth and enamored by the transformation of Michael Fassbender into the title character and Marion Cotillard into Lady Macbeth.

It’s a violent film, which I didn’t like as much, but its creators’ presentation of the battles on screen — sometimes with the use of strong saturated colors — balanced what was hard to watch with something beautiful.

This rendition of Macbeth could easily have been without dialogue to show the rise and fall of the character, but William Shakespeare’s words certainly added to it all and Fassbender and Cotillard made it look very easy to speak in his language and let their emotion, love and internal struggles show through.

(I am sensing a pattern with my star ratings) 3 out of 4 stars.


“The sunset is just my light bulb burning out.” – Ryan Adams




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