23 of 366: The Imposter

the imposter

If you need something to watch instead of trying to crack the Steven Avery case by going through Making a Murderer again (although I wouldn’t blame you) the 2012 documentary The Imposter is another glimpse into true crime that presents just as much mystery and sheds light on a little-known story, at least for me.

It’s best to go into watching the documentary knowing nothing about the story, so I won’t spoil it just in case I am not the only person who hasn’t seen it as a result of Making a Murderer withdrawal.

Director Bart Layton effectively tells the story of a missing boy, Nicholas Barclay, in San Antonio, Texas, his family, and what happened when they thought he was found three years after his June 1994 disappearance.

The story spans from a local mystery to an international search and everything in between to show what people will believe and want to believe and who can take advantage of that.

Layton builds a suspenseful, comprehensive story but also leaves the viewer with an unsolved mystery by the time it’s over. I am sure what happened to Barclay could have been turned into 10 episodes of a show like Making a Murderer, but at the same time I admire how Layton kept it concise and told what he could about the Barclay family and what happened stemming from Nicholas’ disappearance, which remains unsolved.




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