30 of 366: 2 Days in New York


Hey hey. I fell a little behind on my movies last week, but I guess that’s what happens when Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard release a video of their vacation to Africa set to the song of the same name and I start following Brie Larson on Instagram.

Throw in working a lot and hanging out with my family and now I have some catching up to do.

Being two movies behind isn’t that bad and I am going to try to watch another one tonight. Tomorrow is out of the question since I have to work 14 hours between my independent communications consultant gig and shift at the movie theater.

I didn’t have a movie picked out last night, luckily something about 2 Days in New York appealed to me while browsing through my Netflix list. I only wish I realized it is a follow up to Julie Delpy’s 2007 film with some of the same characters, 2 Days in Paris.

2 Days in New York focuses on the relationship between Marion (Delpy) and Mingus (Chris Rock), their children from past relationships, and the chaos that ensues when her family visits from France.

2 Days in Paris focuses on Marion’s relationship with Jack, the father of her son, and their attempt to save it by visiting her family there.

I honestly don’t know if I could watch 2 Days in Paris if it contains as much arguing between the characters as Delpy’s later film in the series.

Delpy wrote the screenplay with co-star Alexia Landeu, who also plays Marion’s sister, Rose. While I appreciate how eclectic the film is and the unique role for Chris Rock, it kind of lost me after that.

The tension and arguing between the characters, primarily Marion and her family, could have been toned down a bit while still reflecting the state of their relationship and ultimately the characters as individuals.

I enjoyed the beginning and background on Marion and Mingus and their relationship before her family came into the picture. They probably felt the same way.

The film makes its way back there, but I didn’t enjoy much of it along the way.

As John Hodgman says … “That is all.”




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