31 of 366: Shaun the Sheep Movie

Shaun The Sheep Movie First Look Still

I’m back to making my way through the Oscar nominees this year, which pushes me to try out animated films such as Shaun the Sheep Movie that I normally wouldn’t see.

The film is nominated for best animated feature and, unlike Inside Out, doesn’t translate as well across children and adult audiences, at least on the surface, but I still found it to be imaginative and entertaining overall.

There is no dialogue in the film, also unlike Inside Out, which for younger audiences leaves the meaning of the story and the message open to let their imaginations in as far as what the characters are saying and why.

Shaun is the main sheep of the bunch and becomes sick of the routine at the farm where they live and everything being the same day in and day out.

They come up with an idea to distract the farmer who runs the show for a few hours which, of course, does not go as planned and sends the group and the farmer’s dog on a mission to the big city to rescue him.

That premise seems very tailored to younger audiences’ brains, but the takeaway in the end to make room for trying new things and not following such a regiment every day could be words to live by for adults.

Shaun the Sheep Movie probably won’t top Inside Out at the Oscars, but it is deserving of the recognition and worth watching for imaginative thinkers young and old.

On another, somewhat related, note  John Hodman’s podcast today focused on an argument about a man who travels too much and leaves his friends and family behind in the process.

I didn’t watch Shaun the Sheep Movie before listening to the podcast, but I jotted down this quote from Hodgman and I think it’s fitting for the theme of the film:

“Travel … going out into the world is usually a way of going into yourself.”

John Hodgman

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