44 of 366: Slow Learners


Sometimes watching a (hopefully) good  romantic comedy is in order because they don’t require much analysis and you can pretty much know what to expect from the story and characters. And, if you’re lucky, every once and a while one comes along that manages to be unique in an overly formulaic genre. Today, that film was Slow Learners.

The film proved to be the perfect choice for No. 44 in my challenge and the fourth one I’ve watched today.

Another selling point is its cast including some of my favorite comedians, Sarah Burns, Adam Pally, Megan Neuringer and Reid Scott from Veep.

The film focuses on close friends Anne (Burns) and Jeff (Pally) as they finish the school year working at the local high school and decide to reinvent themselves over the summer.

They choose a path of going out to bars a lot to meet new people and break away from  their “dorky” book-club lifestyles and staying home on weeknights.

The film does stray toward the standard will-they-or-won’t they plot point of most romantic comedies, but Pally and Burns make it work as an odd couple who know each other better than anyone else. Even better, the journey before they find where they’re supposed to be in life is entertaining, funny and heartfelt.

“Americans are forever searching for love in forms it never takes, in places it can never be.”

Kurt Vonnegut in Cat’s Cradle — as quoted by Anne in Slow Learners. (Like I have time to read.)






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