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“Cherry Lips and Crystal Skies”

“You can tell me when it’s over, if the high was worth the pain, Starbucks lovers (or whatever).”

“I’ve got a blank space baby.”

Yes, that’s from the wonder that is Taylor Swift and the wonder that is a three-month free trial from Apple music, which I am not going to cancel.

Q) How often do you blog during the week?


That is the power of Ms. Swift (and Jesse Pinkman,)

I am listening to “1989” right now which, among the one million other reasons, makes me even more excited for the Ryan Adams concert here in July. If he plays one song from his own version of “1989” and then anything and everything from “Heartbreaker,” I’ll be one happy nerdette.  It may seem unbelievable, but I honestly still don’t listen to many other musicians than Ryan Adams. I’ll admit I haven’t kept up with all of his EPs, but I love, love, love, “Prisoner” (and the B sides) and turn it up to top volume when I am trying to block out background noise (and stress) at work. It is one of three albums I purchased this year, other than Carsie Blanton and the new Michelle Branch (failed nostalgia buy.)

I own a “Heartbreaker” T-shirt and his is the only poster that survived my college years, cheap-ass frame and all. There are still pieces of Scotch tape all over it and I love it (even with my 35-year-old reflection in this picture … weird  and not intentional … but too lazy to fix.)


Also, get this, my sister Carla touched Ryan Adams’ hair when he was sitting at Gluek’s bar after one of his shows in Minneapolis. That is where I bought the aforementioned T-shirt and took this picture, possibly with a disposable camera. Wild times. (Chances are I’ve reminisced and written about this before.)


Okay, I have nothing else to say other than I am losing steam after writing about very boring (to me) Congressional news all day .. but I do want to share the artistic works of Kate Micucci that will soon adorn my walls and be a part of my wardrobe.

IMG_2365 (1)6dbd2fa7bca743f3abf0b425de7baee2


“I bought a borrowed suit and learned to dance.”  – Ryan Adams.



People Places Things

ryanadamsThis week in entertainment news has been a dream. Ryan Adams is releasing his own version of Taylor Swift’s “1989”; there is a “Flight of the Conchords” movie in the works; Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement are going on tour later this year; and the Sklar Brothers and Daniel Van Kirk will be in Minneapolis in October.

That news is based on an exclusive report directly from the Sklar Brothers to me. I was the first to know on Twitter, or I’ll just keep telling myself that.


It’s all too good to be true, BUT IT IS!

chris hardwickDaniel Van Kirk is one of my comedy and personal idols and the thought of meeting him is already causing me to have a pre-Chris Hardwick meet-and-greet (circa 2013) meltdown. I don’t know if I’ll be able to work up the courage to talk to “Mark Wahlberg” himself. At least I have some time to prepare.

This is where Jemaine Clement comes back into the picture. Last week, I saw Clement in one of my favorite movies of this year “People Places Things.”

peopleClement’s character in the film Will Henry, a newly-single father of two, finds himself trying to navigate work, taking care of his daughters and eventually breaking out into the world of dating again.

Henry is a graphic novelist and college professor. His drawings play their own role in the film as scenes the characters are experiencing are modified in Henry’s imagination and shown to the viewer as he draws them out on paper.

Not too far into the film, as one of Henry’s students sets him up on a date with her mother Diane (Regina Hall), Henry presents the question: Is happiness in life is really a sustainable concept?

There is a connection between Diane and Will based on this concept and the idea they are both on board for a “no bullshit” courtship.

It’s all easier said than done and of course things do get complicated as a result of Will and Diane’s past relationships, and their kids.

Overall it’s a simple premise for a film — in some ways one that’s been done before — but writer and director James C. Strouse effectively takes the “romantic comedy” to a new place and completes the story with its share of unpredictable plot points.

In the end you may not be surprised by what happens to Will and the decisions he makes, but you will be happy.

The film has a subtle humor, a lot of heart and continues Clement on the path to my kind of leading man following his role in “What We Do in the Shadows” and what I am sure will be a delight if the big-screen version of “Flight of the Conchords” is made.

Plus, his character’s courage in “People Places Things” is inspirational. I’ll have to remember that when I’m in the vicinity of Mr. Van Kirk in a couple of months and say hello.

Unfortunately I didn’t finish this while “People Places Things” was showing at the theater (at least in Minneapolis) but it will be on DVD Oct. 6.

In other news, fall movie season will be upon us soon and Indiewire released its (one of many, I’m sure) lists of must-sees so far. I’ve already added “Sleeping With Other People,” to my favorites for the year.

Instead of John Hodgman, I will sign off this time by quoting my favorite Taylor Swift cover Ryan Adams has released a sample of so far.

Shake it Off.

P.S. Follow Adams on Twitter for his “1989” updates. It’s a delight.