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It’s Far From The Madding Crowd, people

maddingI worked last night at our premiere of “Far From The Madding Crowd” and easily nine out of 10 customers kept calling the film “Maddening Crowd.” They wouldn’t even say the full title or the right word! Show some respect to Carey Mulligan and one of the most epic romantic stories to ever hit the big screen! Don’t you know that Mulligan is likely to be nominated for an Oscar for her role as Bathsheba Everdene???

Okay, I feel better now. I needed to get that out before I work another eight hours today and have to listen to people say that all over again. I am a big fan of Carey Mulligan and saw the movie Thursday pretty much because she is in it. I knew the plot focused on Everdene’s dilemma to pick from three suitors, but I guess I wasn’t prepared for the emotional roller coaster ride the story would present.

I also worked during a free screening of the film a few weeks ago and now I know why one woman was in line three hours before it started. Two words: Matthias Schoenaerts, otherwise known as Everdene’s most loyal suitor of the three, Gabriel Oak.

As Everdene navigates her way through operating a farm her uncle left to her and going back and forth between the two other men interested in her, Sgt. Francis Troy (the deceptive soldier) and William Boldwood (the eccentric millionaire) Farmer Oak patiently waits for her to make the right decision.

All I will say is I was Team Oak from the beginning. The power surged during the screening we had a few weeks ago and caused the sound to be out for probably the last two minutes of the film. People were pretty upset and now I know why. I was sure that the woman who waited three hours to see the film would complain, but she probably spontaneously com busted in her seat when the sound went out.

Maybe I should be more serious in my comments about this film, but I feel the screen adaptation is a bit more light-hearted than the literary classic by Thomas Hardy it is based on.

That said, I haven’t read the book and the film version certainly does tackle the issues of infidelity, deception and some gender and class struggles. But in the end it’s just all about love with a beautiful French landscape, costumes (I want all of the dresses Mulligan wore) and solid acting performances by her,¬†Schoenaerts¬†and Michael Sheen as Boldwood at the backdrop.

It’s surprising there is any mention of the Oscar race at this point in the year, but Mulligan is certainly deserving to be in the running for her performance.

It’s nice to be back on my blog. I have some catching up to do with my thoughts on “While We’re Young” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and tomorrow I’m seeing “Ex Machina” starring my guy Oscar Isaac.

But for now I have to go sell tickets and popcorn to the masses. It’s pretty maddening.

That is all.